Reasons to choose Panama as your Weeding or Honeymoon Destination

Whether you want to explore the ocean or take a sizzling salsa lesson, a destination wedding in Panama offers you flavorful and fun options.


You’ve dreamt of throwing the best destination wedding for your loved ones – and the trip of a lifetime is now within reach. Finding a location that is equal parts meaningful and conducive to your special day is a challenge for couples who want their guests to feel appreciated, especially after traveling the distance to celebrate.


Panama is a unique destination, where you can discover unique beaches, rainforest, mountains, the modern city and of course, The Panama Canal.  Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo is located at Casco Antigüo, also known as Casco Viejo, or the ”old quarter,” Panama City’s historic district. Considered a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site, the district dates back to 1673, and features vibrant plazas and picturesque brick-paved streets surrounded by colorful buildings. The area is ideal for walking, discovering history and enjoying some of the city’s best gastronomy, culture and photo ops. It is the perfect place for special romantic getaways and memorable family vacations.


An undiscovered treasure, Sofitel Legend is more than a luxury hotel brand. It represents a way of living that encapsulates the absolute best in art, culture, history and the elegance of the destination itself.  Nestled in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Casco Viejo, the property is a fusion of luxury, culture, and indelible moments.


Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo provides a space where guests can immerse themselves in local culture whilst indulging in modern luxuries particular to Sofitel Legend brand.  Its unique and incomparable charm makes it a perfect destination for weddings and high-profile events due to its beautiful and historic scenery that invites you to live experiences providing wellness and emotion at the same place. From the moment you step in, you are part of a story that transcends time and is still unwritten.


 ”As couples seek unique and extraordinary wedding experiences, the demand for exceptional destinations has soared. Panama, a mesmerizing gem nestled in Central America, is swiftly emerging as the next up-and-coming wedding hotspot. With its vibrant history, diverse architecture, enchanting tropical venues, and luxurious accommodations, Panama offers couples the perfect backdrop for their unforgettable celebrations”.  – Céline Weyermann,


Tips To Better Organize Your Wedding:


Activities for everyone

Known as the gateway to the Americas, Panama’s meandering sliver of land between the Pacific and Caribbean has plenty to offer. With great eco-diversity and untouched beaches, this locale is a haven for nature lovers. Panama destinations allow you to experience the 200 million year practice of sea turtle migration firsthand, or take a cable car through the jungle at Gamboa. Watch as curious and playful dolphins leap alongside sailboats, sample some of the world’s best coffee in Panama City or indulge in shopping with a touch of scenic beauty. There´s an energy Panama wedding provide that encourages you to explore, wander, and sample at leisure!


Destination’s climate and culture

Every couple has their own style (beach lovers, culture seekers, foodies), and you want a destination that mirrors that. Wherever you go, look for a venue that matches your vibe and provides experiences for everyone.


Invite Early

Guests will need more time to plan, so send save-the-date notices as early as possible – six months out is ideal.


Vet Your Vendors

Use your travel advisor not just for travel help but also for leads on local florists and DJs. If you fly a photographer in from home, know that some countries require a local work permit.


Marriage Requirements

Couples wishing to marry in Panama must provide original birth certificates, health certificates and passports. Divorce and death decrees are required if necessary.


Get practical wedding gifts

Set a wedding budget so you don’t get carried away with overspending for bridal party gifts. Think of alternative or more creative and Earth-friendly options!


Get Help!

Group travel is tricky, and even more so when getting married is involved. Experienced advisors can help book a venue, coordinate the delivery of favors, and handle emergencies.

Our specialized team will assist you to plan a flawless and magnifique event that will exceed your expectations.

Discover more information about our weddings here.


Photo: Céline Weyermann


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