Shifting Tides

It is possible that you have witnessed how the sea can rise and fall a few or several meters. But, do you know the reason why this phenomenon occurs?


Tides are regular or periodic variations in sea level and are caused by the force of gravitational attraction that the Moon and the Sun jointly exert on the Earth. This change in sea level occurs at intervals of approximately 6 hours.


Depending on the height that the sea water reaches, the tides can be of two types:

High tide: when the height of the sea reaches its highest level we will have high tides, which occur approximately every 12 hours.

Low tide: when the height of the sea reaches its lowest level we will have low tides, which also occur approximately every 12 hours.


Therefore, when we have high tide in one part of the globe, there will be a low tide just in the opposite part.


At Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo we have the privilege to witness this phenomenon on a daily basis.


You can check the tide table at this link: Instituto de Meteorología e Hidrología de Panamá (

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