Luxury Reimagined in Panama: A Glimpse Through Blue Parallel's Lens01.07.2023

In the realm of travel literature, few pieces capture the spirit and allure of a destination quite as exquisitely as this Blue Parallel’s piece, “PRIVATE ADVENTURES IN PANAMA.” Unveiling the pristine beauty of Panama’s San Blas Islands and the historic charm of Panama City, this article meticulously paints a picture of a paradise tailored for the discerning traveler.


Among its many tales, we’re humbled to find a mention of our own sanctuary, the Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo. Nestled in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Casco Viejo, our esteemed establishment is a fusion of luxury, culture, and indelible moments.


The gracious nod from Blue Parallel fills us with pride and gratitude. We wholeheartedly encourage our readers to delve into this captivating narrative. For those intrigued by the promise of unparalleled luxury and exploration in Panama, the full account can be found on Blue Parallel’s Blog. Dive deep into stories that bring to life the majestic essence of Panama and the luxury that lies in its embrace.

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